Determine if you are eligible to apply for the LIVFund Scholarship.

Basic eligibility requirements

The scholarship competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 interested in learning, interning or volunteering abroad in Latin America.

Candidates may apply for the LIVFund Scholarship at any time, beginning six [6] months in advance of their program start date.

Candidates coming to Latin America with an organized program, designing their own program or still waiting to be accepted to an abroad program are all eligible to apply. Students, interns and volunteers who are already abroad are also eligible to receive funding*.

You can access the online scholarship application here.

Eligibility for scholarship nomination

Applicants who are awarded the scholarship must agree to post at least three [3] blog entries on the LIVFund blog detailing their abroad experience. You can read more about the blogging requirement here.

*The LIVFund Scholarship Committee will confirm the abroad program details of all scholarship recipients.

Applying for the LIVFund Scholarship gives LIVFund permission to publish your name, university and original response for promotional purposes. We also have the right to send email updates about the program and our sponsors.

LIVFund has the right to revoke the scholarship if recipients fail to travel abroad on their specified program, plagarize on application essays or neglect to post blog entries.

See our terms and conditions here.